Starting in 2005, I began my long trek to a BFA in Graphic Design. Most of the logos below were created during my undergraduate years, with the exception of my current business logo for diligenceNdesign. Because the projects and companies involved were diverse, there is not any fluency with the designs. However, they are all completed using Adobe Illustrator.

Electronic Illustration

Becoming familiar with Adobe Illustrator took countless hours in front of the dorm computer, and many late nights in the computer lab. The featured Electronic Illustrations were completed over 3 years, each for a different project and class. My very first endeavor was The Phantom of the Opera. The likeness was a victory for me, since I had just started my design classes. Then, I proceeded to create a "super monkey gone bananas". He is quite the specimen. The next triumph was the medical illustration of the interior hand. I enjoyed researching the perfect body part in order to show my intense attention to detail. Lastly, I completed a fun "portrait" of myself to include in my "self-made" graduation invitations.