First time.

Well, it's my first time with an official "blog". Is it exciting? Maybe. Who knows. Hopefully other's will see my hard work and sweat going into this endeavor. 

Let me introduce myself, my name is Brittany. I'm a single mom to a beautiful baby boy - well, actually toddler - but he's still a baby to me! I am a certified art teacher, who, still after two years of getting my MAT, can't find someone to give up their art teacher position. However, it is not my ultimate goal. I hope to one day get my PhD in Art History.  

I will cut to the chase - it's late, and I am dragging. I'm an artist, I'm a designer, I'm a teacher, and I'm a mom. In my "spare time", I enjoy painting and designing lesson plans. Unfortunately, my career has been very slow since graduating from college the first time around - 5 years ago. What can I say? I'm a late-bloomer. Forward on, I'm building a website full of my projects and activities from college and beyond, hoping that something may appeal to someone.

This blog is solely a personal blog. It will hopefully entertain, inform, and teach. I highly encourage the onlookers of this blog to also view, "The Writer" blog, as it will discuss my recent completion of a novel I wrote and the progression of the paintings I am pursuing of my characters. With that blog, I hope to market my book and intrigue those to want to read it more. 

Please contact me with questions, for I am searching to connect with others with both similar and different interests. I have a Facebook page for my business: diligenceNdesign, I have a Twitter account for both my business and book, and I have Pinterest, because I enjoy fun ideas.

In the chance you do take an interest in my talents, I would certainly enjoy knowing. I am searching for more freelance and commission opportunities. My ultimate goal is to be able to spend as much time with my son while he is not in school.