I am Brittany. Thank you for visiting my site: diligenceNdesign. Growing up, I have always loved the arts. I enjoyed painting, drawing, and even wrote my own stories. When I went off to college, I did not know which route I wanted to take in my education. At first, I considered English, but then changed my direction to Graphic Communications. I decided on this career path after the realization the Fine Arts would not ultimately provide a substantial (or consistent) income. I did, however, have the chance to add on another growing passion: Art History. The possibilities to expand my imagination and mind were reveling in the detailed classes of Art History!

By the time I finished my degree, I had 5 1/2 years of education to my name, obtaining a BFA in Graphic Communications with a minor in Art History. I thought I was guaranteed a job. No. I struggled in the economy crash of 2008, and decided to go back to school for an education degree despite the declining job market. I went back to school in 2010 while pregnant and commuting over an hour. Luckily, I obtained a MAT in Art Education by 2011, and had a wonderful new baby boy! However, I hit another road block, Art teachers don't want to give up their jobs. It was then, that I decided to combine my design degree and education degree. I began making lesson plans for all subjects K-5. During that time, I also obtained my certification in Middle Grades (4-8) Mathematics and Science. I thoroughly enjoy the task of helping other teachers with the daunting responsibility of creating lesson plans. I post these lessons on for-profit websites such as Click on the link to open a link to my own personal store! 


Currently, I am an Art Instructor for a public school system. I have also had the amazing opportunity to have my graduate thesis, The Relevancy of Art Education in the Cognitive Development of At-Risk Youth, published recently with the help of my graduate professor. In my "spare time" I enjoy painting, writing, and pursuing the possibility of obtaining a PhD in Art History. I feel the overwhelming passion to create and visualize my ideas through designing, painting, and writing. I have written a novel, and have begun painting the characters on large areas of plywood in my living room. This helps the characters come to life and inspire the imagination to soar to new heights! Please feel free to browse The Blogger and The Writer above for more up-to-date information of my design endeavors and my novel! Also, follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest! Thank you!